Meet Mister Sprinkle

The Mister Sprinkle Gift Set is a new family tradition to grow the magic of Christmas!


The magic begins by reading the Mister Sprinkle children’s book together as a family and learning the secret of how Santa Claus visits children all over the world in just one night. Use the secret recipe and the Mister Sprinkle cookie cutters to make your own magical cookies for Santa.

Discover how you can give Santa his magical powers

Mister Sprinkle's Magic

Mister Sprinkle is magical and educational! The gift set enhances the holiday spirit and creates precious moments spent together as a family.

Mister Sprinkle sparks imagination, creativity, and teaches foundational principles of responsibility.


Santa is counting on you!

Our Story


When our son asked, "How does Santa deliver toys to kids all over the world in just one night?" We replied, “There is magic in the Cookies!"


Making Christmas cookies together has since become a wonderful holiday tradition for us and we want to share this experience with your family.

Mister Sprinkle is safety tested.

You can access the PASS reports here.  


Not for children under 3 years old

Use with adult supervision

Keep away from heat and electrical sources





Warwick family sprinkles magic on Christmas Cookies

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Mister Sprinkle: The Next Christmas Tradition

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